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A construction survey is used to mark the points needed to accurately position a new building or structural features on site. This type of survey is also known as a construction set out or surveying set out. The construction surveyor will use a variety of tools to determine the precise location of the construction site and then mark the points on the ground. This ensures that the construction can proceed according to plan and that any potential problems can be identified and rectified before work begins. A construction survey is an essential part of any construction project and can save time and money by avoiding potential errors and delays.

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Construction Set-Out Surveys from A to Z

Construction Surveying is the process of setting and verifying construction project control points. The construction surveyor is responsible for establishing construction control lines and grades that a construction contractor will use to build features identified in construction design plans.

A construction survey generally consists of four steps:

1. Construction staking or “Setting Out”

The construction surveyor uses the latest revision construction plans to calculate control points, lines, and grades. These calculations are used to place marks on the ground that the construction contractor will use as reference points to build features identified in the construction design plans.

2. Site visit

The construction surveyor visits the site to verify that the marks have been placed correctly and to take measurements between marks to establish lines and grades.

surveyor adelaide mapping
Surveyor Adelaide on site with theodolite
a surveyor using theodolite to do land surveys in adelaide

3. Office calculations

The construction surveyor uses the measurements taken during the site visit, along with the latest revision construction plans, to do office calculations. These calculations are used to produce a construction set-out drawing which is a scaled drawing of the project site showing the location of all marks placed during construction staking.

4. Quality assurance

The construction surveyor reviews the set-out drawing to ensure that it accurately reflects the placement of marks on-site and meets all applicable.

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